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Health Benefits of Drinking Camel Milk

by Thomi Jasir , at 6:46 PM , has 1 comment

Health Benefits of Drinking Camel Milk

Did you know that camel milk has benefits that many health? Many leading scientists and researchers from various countries have proved that camel milk is very nutritious and safe for consumption. The following article will try to discuss what are the benefits of drinking camel milk.

First of all, we are talking about the content of camel milk. Camel milk has almost similar content and composition of the milk (breast milk).Camel milk contains protein, vitamins A, B and B2, C and essential minerals such as potassium, zinc, manganese, copper, magnesium, sodium, and iron. Sodium content makes camel milk taste a little salty. And when compared to cow's milk, lactose and fat content of camel milk is much lower. Camel milk has more vitamin C and iron than cow's milk. Camel milk also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid and volatile acids. Camel milk also contains certain antimicrobial element, that are beneficial to the body.

A variety of nutrients that exist in camel milk can improve the health and endurance.Especially for people with osteoporosis and calcium deficiency. Camel milk can also solve sexual problems, such as impotence, lack of libido. Camel milk is also safe for people who are lactose intolerance. So, in general, camel milk is very good for your health and keep you fit and energetic.
Camel milk contains antibodies and immunoglobulins, thus making the body resistant to various diseases and free radicals. Drink camel milk regularly to increase endurance naturally. The basic function of immunoglobulins is to protect the body against autoimmune disorders, allergies and certain types of bacterial infections, fungi and viruses. 

Drink camel milk can help in controlling type 1 diabetes. From case studies and clinical trials conducted by scientists, found that camel milk contains insulin and insulin-like protein that has anti-diabetic effects in the body. The study states, "Clinical trials in humans with type 1 diabetes showed that daily consumption of half a liter of camel milk reduces the need for insulin medication an average of 30%." Thus, the consumption of camel milk may reduce the dose of insulin required for diabetic patients.

Camel milk is also beneficial for Autism. Dr. thesis research. And Dr. Yosef Shabo.Reuven Yagil explains that, camel milk without beta-casein and beta-lactoglobulin, do not harm people with autism. Furthermore, protective immunoglobulins and proteins contained in camel's milk, helps brain development. They conducted a survey on the effect of camel's milk in children with autism of different age groups. The results of this case study proved that camel milk actually showed improvement in communication skills and brain function.

So how, you already know it, that camel milk is very very useful for the body. Camel milk is rarely found in Indonesia, unlike in Arab countries there. In the United States alone have been formed pertenakan camels to meet the demand for camel milk.
Thomi Jasir
Health Benefits of Drinking Camel Milk - written by Thomi Jasir , published at 6:46 PM, categorized as Healthy . And has 1 comment
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Camel milk has many benefits. My grandmother made me take some camel milk daily. It actually is very healthy and a cure to certain issues and illnesses. Great blog!
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