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Red Mist, Episode Misteria Serial Spongebob

by Thomi Jasir , at 12:32 AM , has 2 comments
When the finger - the middle finger busy surfing in cyberspace, I was instantly attracted to one trit pretty crowded discussed in various forums world. Maybe this time the theme of my post is a bit different, but still interesting to discuss. In my post this time, I will discuss about the cartoon series Spongebob Squarepants is said to be the "Darkside episode" of the cartoon series and was never aired on television. Such as whether the story?

Most of the people must already know who Spongebob Squarepants. Intangible cartoon sponge yellow box is very popular with children - children for behavior that is ridiculous. Developer as the Nickelodeon cartoon series that was packed neatly so that the concept is true - completely different from the other cartoon series.

 In the cartoon series Spongebob Squarepants, at least there are 8 main characters often appear in every episode, which is Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mr.. Krab, Pearl, Gary and Plankton. Well, in this post I will not discuss the absurdity of the characters of this series, but I'll discuss an episode that supposedly is prohibited episode (some refer to it as the missing episodes.) For fans of Spongebob series, must have watched every episode is published by Nickelodeon party. 

However, in the virtual world, has spread a Spongebob episode that was never published or aired to the public, at least after the video was leaked and spread over the Internet. Episode forbidden is Red Mist. So, what is so special about the episode aired to not be up to the public? This is where the episode mysterious Red Mist begins. Having traveled quite a long time looking for information about this episode, I just get a little information. 

When I visited the site spongefan.wikia.com which incidentally is the first site that appears on the google page, information about the episode Red Mist has been lost, but the title of the article is still there. Why is the site dedicated for the Spongebob fan delete that information? I also have not found the answer, then, how the story of Red Mist episode itself? Actually, Red Mist is not an official episode created and published by Nickelodeon, but is the result of other people's work.

 This episode, according to sources, was made ​​in a Scottish animator accused of a murder. himself Red Mist Spongebob discovered by the staff and the impressions they consider unfit for publication because it contains elements of violence. in fact, some say if the episode Red Mist is able to disturb mentally weak person (I have to watch its full version, and nothing happened - nothing). Episode Red Mist itself is stored in a videotape made ​​by Chaz Agnew , and after investigation for some moment, the tape eventually confiscated by the police. However, according to the news, shortly before police confiscated the tape, someone has managed menduplikatnya and upload the video to youtube. 

spite of his own party had blocked Youtube impressions Red Mist Spongebob episode, the video has spread rapidly and more and more. Well, I'll tell you a little impression this episode Red Mist. Previously, the video quality looks disappointing, either because it is stored in the form of tape or someone has recorded it with a digital camera, but what is clear, the quality is not that great although still watchable. This story began with Squidward who want to practice the clarinet, while Spongebob and Patrick play outside. When they wanted to play the clarinet, someone knocked at his door. 

Squidward then go down and open the door of his house. A salesman (intangible fish dressed Scotland) invites Squidward tries to speak, but Squidward refused and slammed the door of his house. Then, a few moments later, another knock at the door, and opened it with angry faces Squidward. It turns out the salesman still has not gone, and this time with a face that looked angry he said "Red Mist is coming" , and then he went. Squidward is confusion then returned to his room again to continue his training. 

Afterwards, Squidward exercise again interrupted by the sound of Spongebob and Patrick are playing. Squidward is upset and shouted Spongebob and Patrick, he says that he needs to practice for the concert tomorrow. SpongeBob and Patrick then apologize and go home. Then, Squidward back into his house. When Squidward was practicing the clarinet, the scene will slowly turn red, and Squidward's eyes also turn red for a few seconds. Squidward shape and eye color changing to red, seemed made ​​for the specific purpose.

concert scene continues in Squidward. In this scene was almost all the figures therein displayed with creepy red eyes. Although this scene is actually taken from an episode of Spongebob, but it seems quite clear if the animator focus on eye color scene figures - figures in the series. Squidward scene continues with the return to be disappointed because humiliated when a concert, then at 2:33 , the scene turned into blood red again for a few seconds. At 2:45 , Squidward looks pensive and slowly began rocking scene until 4:28 . 

Squidward's face after it appeared, this time in a few scenes, Squidward's face began to be given effect quite scary for children - children to watch. Peak, at minute 5:33, Squidward pointed the gun at his own head and squeezed the trigger and ends with a scene where Squidward has died. That's why, also called the Red Mist episode Suicide Squidward. terms of video, this video does not seem like the video we watch Spongebob series so far, but in terms of psychological, this video is really - really can affect children - children. 

No wonder the party sought to neutralize episode of Nickelodeon's Red Mist difficult though. I myself have not been able to find kebeneran behind this video, what the motives and goals of the animators make the video. Is it just for the thrill?, Given the ease making its case through portals like Youtube video that was widely Mereana a few moments ago. 

Last, detailed information regarding this video is hard to find. I can only find a review on this video. Clearly, I have been watching the full version of this episode and just enjoy it without any changes as previously rumored, but it helps us remain careful - careful. If you want to watch it, please click this because the video can only be viewed on Youtube

Red Mist, Episode Misteria Serial Spongebob

Red Mist, Episode Misteria Serial Spongebob

Red Mist, Episode Misteria Serial Spongebob

Red Mist, Episode Misteria Serial Spongebob

Thomi Jasir
Red Mist, Episode Misteria Serial Spongebob - written by Thomi Jasir , published at 12:32 AM, categorized as Mystery . And has 2 comments
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