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Inuit Human : "Something Wrong with The Sun, Earth, and Moon"

by Thomi Jasir , at 12:11 AM , has 0 comments
Perhaps the reader is confused by the title of my article above. "There's something wrong with the Sun, Earth, and Moon", the words spoken by one of the Inuit people. What is the Inuit it? and who is he?

Inuit are a group of residents who live in the Artic area, rather scattered from Canada, Denmark, Russia, up to Alaska (USA). Although referred to as a native Canadian, they have spread and live in areas with extreme environmental conditions. then, what to do with the article and the title above? During this time the public may not be aware that the actual position of the earth, moon, and the sun has changed.

It is actually being studied by scientists, but the story has not been or is rarely publicized by the media. sun has changed position since last 2 years. Perhaps many do not realize that the position of the sun in the lower southern horizon and sunlight received by the Earth has changed, though not too visible.

Orang Inuit : "Something Wrong with The Sun, Earth, and Moon"

Inuit people aware of the strangeness of the position of the sun almost every day because they lived on a patch of ice, where they can see a clear horizon to the earth. They are aware that the location of the sun has changed, or the earth has changed. Either the sun or the earth has changed its, which obviously there is something that has or is happening in our solar system. Additionally, Cornell University also argued that the moon's orbit is currently one.

According to research, the moon's orbit changes due to the massive size of the space object approaching and affect the moon's gravity, is Planet X? I do not know, Cornell University is not talking much about the results of their research. Video below shows that the moon has shifted a few degrees from its position. According to the video, the moon photo taken on the same sata, the date and the same position, before finally analyzed. Unfortunately not say who is analyzing the photo.

So strange moon or earth is going on here?

Then what is the effect on the survival of the earth? Sun, Moon, and Sun in my opinion is a system of mutual balance. And, what happens if there is an abnormality in the system? all aspects of the course will also change. So is the earth, when the sun or moon suffered an anomaly in our solar system, it will greatly affect the survival of the earth. Small example might change now erratic weather again, very different from the time of our grandparents first.

Orang Inuit : "Something Wrong with The Sun, Earth, and Moon"

Orang Inuit : "Something Wrong with The Sun, Earth, and Moon"

NASA and the European Space Agency has previously warned the world that there will be a major storm that hit the Earth in late 2011 and early 2012. Yes, the storm is none other than the solar storm that will devastated many areas of technology and infrastructure, especially electronics. If the storm is really - really manghantam earth, then certainly we will go back to ancient times. Though not yet certain when the storm is coming, but that obviously did something happen in our solar system. Forecast or not, but would not it be better if prepared?
Thomi Jasir
Inuit Human : "Something Wrong with The Sun, Earth, and Moon" - written by Thomi Jasir , published at 12:11 AM, categorized as Mystery . And has 0 comments
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