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Similar UFOs Flying In Sky Cheltanham Tripod, UK

by Thomi Jasir , at 6:44 PM , has 0 comments
We've all watched the movie "War of the Worlds" is not it? In the movie, aliens invade Earth through the vehicle named Tripod. With the vehicle, the aliens destroy human civilization, and ridiculous at the end of the story the aliens finally defeated by Earth bacteria and microbes. So, what to do with this post? Well, on January 30 last, a resident inadvertently recorded sighting of a UFO, and when the image in the zoom, they saw a vehicle similar to the Tripod in War of the Worlds it.

The video recorder does not want to give his name, said when he recorded the sighting on January 30, 2011 in the evening time. When he looked up the sky, he saw a light brighter than the stars - more stars. He also tried to record it because maybe he could use the zoom facility to view the objects that are closer.

The weather was sunny, and it was arranged handycamnya in order to record and get a better picture, because obyak it moves very slowly. When he has gained the appropriate setting, he was surprised when he saw the object. The object is similar to kemdaraan aliens in War of the World, and curiously ibyek it fly without making a sound. "The atmosphere was quiet all the time, and it flew many - times above my house," he added.

Similar UFOs Flying In Sky Cheltanham Tripod, UK

Similar objects are also often found in the area, but with a different light - different. Although he did not know what the object was, but he was unsure if the object he saw was - actually an aircraft, whether it's true or a secret aircraft - aircraft completely alien. Though the truth is still a question mark, but not a few who doubt the truth of this video. So, whether the object is a UFO or video is just engineering? Well, only time will tell.
Thomi Jasir
Similar UFOs Flying In Sky Cheltanham Tripod, UK - written by Thomi Jasir , published at 6:44 PM, categorized as Mystery . And has 0 comments
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