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Mysterious creatures Corn Field

by Thomi Jasir , at 8:42 AM , has 0 comments
Another, a late share video on youtube showing a mysterious creature sightings in the corn fields. Although a great many curious people with this video, but I feel there is a lack in the video.

Video which shows the appearance of this mysterious creature had long been circulating on youtube. Recorded video has been uploaded from the date of July 27, 2007 ago, but for some people, the events in the video is still a question mark.  story began when two teens were playing in the cornfields at night, but I do not know what they are done in the field.

Mysterious creatures Corn Field

Then, one of them heard a strange noise near where they were playing. Out of curiosity, they are desperate to find out if it's sound. Accompanied by light from a flashlight, they begin to figure out the origin of the sound. However, just a few steps from where they had been, they begin to feel someone is watching them. Then, one of them felt there was something in front of them, and he uses digital zoom to enlarge the video image.

 Arrive - arrived, they were surprised when the light of flashlight highlight the mysterious creature. According to them, being estimated at 2 meter height does not have hair, a large head, and the scariest is the black eyes. Surprisingly, these figures do not seem to respond to the presence of two teenagers, there are two teenagers who immediately fled in fear, and fortunately they do not what - what. incident that happened to them to make them scared and traumatized to play in the cornfield again, the article 4 days earlier , they both also heard sounds - sounds strange when they were playing in the field. They heard a strange sound and record it using a camera. Here is the video.

So, if the two events that befall the two teenagers are interrelated? Unfortunately, the two teenagers were not told in detail about what happened to them, but the story of the two of them had become a hot topic on youtube a while ago. Identity of the two teenagers were still unknown. Various opinions were emerging after the video spread.

There is a theory that says if the two teenagers are seen by none other than the stuffed bird repellent that is placed in that place, it also causes the figure does not seem to respond when panned his flashlight. Theory is quite reasonable, but the stuffed bird repellent is usually installed in a place that can be seen by the owner or in a rather open, not in a clump of corn that are hard to see by the owner like that.

Another theory says if the figure is only their perception, because they are in a state of fear, so that the figure could be just one who happens to corn tree shaped like that. I think there was something strange in the figure, because it does not figure at all when merespom highlight flashlight.

Another theory, considered the only video engineering the two teenagers, because they do not tell the story of their mysterious nature to the media or the authorities, let alone no more information about the cornfield. Though many are asking, what happens next after the corn - corn was harvested. Whatever the theory, the events experienced by the two teenagers are still a question mark.

Moreover they do with the video uploaded before. Many asked for the location of the cornfield, but there is no response from the youth. So, what is happening in the field? whether aliens had landed in that place? Only one or two of them just perception? What do you think readers?
Thomi Jasir
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