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Is it true that the Israeli Air Force shot down a UFO?

by Thomi Jasir , at 8:18 PM , has 0 comments
On December 16, 2010 yesterday, word got out in the virtual world if Israel had shot down an unidentified object in the area of ​​nuclear power plants. According to the Israeli side, the object has to fly through the zones. Is Israel really - really shoot a UFO?

This news was published by CNN.com on December 16, 2010 . According to CNN, the mysterious object was first seen in the Negev desert, where Israel's nuclear power plants in operation. According to the Israel Defense Agency, the object flew zones to fly, so the Israelis shoot down the object. They say if it is their standard procedure because the NPP region is a region that is considered vulnerable to missile attack Hezbollah.

Is it true that the Israeli Air Force shot down a UFO?

If indeed they had shot down the object and whether the object that they shoot it? According to i sraelnationalnews.com , who shot the object is a hot air balloon, but they are still investigating. Israel Defense Agency said if the balloon comes from the south of the Dead Sea after they examined the direction of movement of the balloon. No one was injured in the incident, because it was not manned balloon. This further strengthens if the balloon was a weather balloon.

Is it true that the Israeli Air Force shot down a UFO?

Flight in the Negev desert region was deliberately limited by the Israelis, since they are focused to maintain the region because they got word if the Hizbullah missiles will direct them to the plant if the war between Israel and Iran occurred.

Similar incidents do not just happen once. In October 2009, a small plane through the region Dimona Nuclear Research Center, the same place when the balloon was shot down. At that time, the Israelis had just installed the security system and they immediately sent jet - jet fighter aircraft to pursue this course. Fortunately jet - the jet plane just forcing it to an emergency landing, so there were no casualties in the incident.

However, there is nothing strange in the news. If this news has been published since the date of December 16, 2010 and falling objects have been identified as a hot air balloon, then why not one photo to prove if the object was - really hot air balloon? Israel does not allow the press to take pictures? for some people, the case still has not been completed and there is something to hide.
Thomi Jasir
Is it true that the Israeli Air Force shot down a UFO? - written by Thomi Jasir , published at 8:18 PM, categorized as Mystery . And has 0 comments
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